Luxury business

Excellence at every step

In February 2014, the city of Ferrières-en-Brie entrusted the exclusive operation of the Château de Ferrières to GROUPE ACCELIS.

This grandiose and avant-gardist place, built in 1855 for the French branch of the Rothschild family, inspired the development of a global concept to promote French Excellence and Lifestyle. The concept is based on an ambitious investment programme. It will start in September 2015 and will be structured in three clusters.
The mission is to teach French Excellence to students and professionals from around the world, by drawing on the values of hard work, respect, courage and humility. Accompanied by the greatest experts in the fields of Gastronomy, Hotel Industry and French Luxury, Ferrières aspires to become a global reference.
The Château de Ferrières is the ideal setting to organise the most spectacular events. But beyond the obvious advantages of this magnificent venue, it is the art of organizing an event and entertaining in the French style that « I Am So French » EVENTS wants to promote through a Business Tourism and Events Agency dedicated to all that is the best of France.
« I Am So French » GASTRONOMY endeavours to put the taught gastronomic expertise into practice and to offer high quality catering services at fair prices at the heart of the Château de Ferrières like in other prestigious places.