A word from the chairman

Excellence at every step


Chairman of Groupe Accelis
It was in 1995 that I started my career as an entrepreneur by creating a hotel cleaning company. There are no words to express my joy that today there are more than 1,700 persons with me in this wonderful development venture of GROUPE ACCELIS!

Thanks to professional and committed teams, our group has always stayed the course of controlled growth.

The coherence of our activities, all based on the culture of quality and luxury, make GROUPE ACCELIS a major player in the hotel industry. We have also been able to successfully apply our knowledge to real estate development that complements our core business.

We are presently developing ambitious projects like the “Paxton” chain or the “I Am So French” concept with a commitment to pass on the values and to promote the assets that make France the most welcoming country in the world.

GROUPE ACCELIS is for all the lovers of “French” manners and know-how, from enthusiastic students to epicurean tourists and even some of the biggest companies. signature-kk